95th Reading Scout Group

Beaver Scout Section


The Beaver Scout Section is made up of young people aged between six and eight years old. Their uniform consists of a turquoise sweatshirt (essential), turquoise polo shirt (optional), school trousers or navy blue Scout trousers and a blue and orange Group scarf. Beaver Scouts enjoy making friends, playing games, going on visits and helping others.

They meet together once a week on a Monday between 17.30 and 18.45 as a Beaver Scout Colony, working in Lodges of four to six Beaver Scouts for their activities.

By taking part in the weekly programmes and other activities, Beaver Scouts gain Challenge Badges which lead up to the award of their Chief Scouts Bronze Award. These are aimed at developing the individual Beaver Scouts' skills and experience. They can also gain Activity Badges which augment the Challenge Badges. The activities are led by our Beaver Scout Team consisting of the Acting Beaver Scout Leader (Rita Curran) assisted by two Section Assistants (Alison Robinson and Tim Baker) and some of our Young Leader Team.

Once your son/daughter has joined the Group they will have a ‘trial’ period of three – four weeks depending on the individual young person after which time, if they like being a Beaver Scout, they will be invested into the Colony with a short ceremony when they make their Promise and are given a set of badges and a certificate of Investiture. Parents are invited to their child’s Investiture Ceremony for which the Beaver Scouts will need their uniform. At this point we will also ask you to pay the subscription fee which is currently set at £35 per term.

Ideally the Uniform should be purchased from the Reading Scout and Guide Shop as the town centre retailers are not able to supply the scarf. If you are able to get to the Reading Scout and Guide Shop and can let us have any receipts, we can claim back 10% for the Scout Group. Please follow the link to the Scouts.org webpage showing you where to position the badges.