95th Reading Scout Group

2014 Group Show


Every two years 95th Reading holds its Group Show in which every Beaver Scout, Cub Scout, Scout and Explorer Scout has a part to play. This year the Beaver Scouts sang two songs – "There’s a hole in my bucket" and "There was an Old Woman who swallowed a fly". They made spiders out of recycled materials to use as props for their acts.

The Cub Scouts performed two playlets. "How Mowgli became a Wolf Cub" tells the story of how Akela, Baloo and Bagheera save Mowgli from Shere Khan. This story is used as the basis for the structure of the Cub pack. They made animal masks to use for their costumes. They then went on to tell us about St George and the Dragon. St George being the patron saint of Scouting as well as of England.

The Scouts performed two short pantomimes – "Jack and the Beanstalk" and "Who stole Christmas?" This was written for us in 2008 by one of our own Scouts.  Meanwhile the Explorer Scouts, who had painted the backdrops during their weekly meetings, wrote and delivered the introductions, helped to run the refreshments at half time and sold raffle tickets to raise funds for our trip to Holland in 2015. We raised £230.00 which included a very kind donation from outside the Group – this will be shared amongst all those that are going to Holland as a means of making sure that anyone who wishes to come is not disadvantaged by lack of funding. Our grateful thanks go to all our parents, grandparents etc. who came along and supported this event.

During the evening some of our Scouts and Explorer Scouts received the following awards:

Chief Scout’s Gold Award:
Louise, Daniel & Luke

Chief Scout’s Platinum Award:
Genna, Abbey & Jess

Chief Scout’s Diamond Award:
Matthew & Sam

Young Leader Belt:
Sam & Matthew