95th Reading Scout Group

Our Scout Group Leaders

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  • Ron Spencer
    Group Scout
    • Rita Curran
      Acting Beaver Scout Leader
      • Vacant
        Assistant Beaver Scout Leader
        • Beaver Scout
          Section Assistants

          • Tim Baker
          • Alison Robinson
        • Beaver Scout
          Young Leaders

          • Alfie Hermon
          • Shaun Hermon
          • Nathan Workman
    • Sean East
      Cub Scout Leader

      • Vacant
        Assistant Cub Scout Leader
        • Cub Scout Section Assistant

          • Kevin Aylett
        • Cub Scout Section Young Leaders

          • Jess Graves
          • Matthew Hearn-Phillips
          • Rebecca Spellman
    • Rita Curran
      Scout Leader

      • Roger Graves, Andy Horne, Sam Mrowiec
        Assistant Scout Leaders

        • Scout Section Assistants

          • Rob Brigham
          • Lee McMahon
        • Scout Section Young Leaders

          • Genna King
          • Louis Martin
          • Abbey Skinner
    • Ron Spencer
      Acting Explorer Scout Leader
      • Graham Osborn
        Assistant Explorer Scout Leader

  • Group Executive